M1 (Edexcel) 2018


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What to expect from the class

Masterclass Outcomes

Pupils’ understanding will be consolidated, pitfalls in which marks are often lost will be addressed, and a deeper knowledge of where and for what marks are awarded will be gained.

M1 Teacher Commentary

Pupils will be surveyed at the start of the class to establish areas of weakness, and this will guide the time spent on particular topic areas. In M1, we have found that pupils often struggle with correctly labelling and resolving their force diagrams in dynamics questions.

During the span of the day all major topic areas of M1 will be covered, including but not limited to kinematics & dynamics of a particle moving in a straight line, statics of a particle, moments, and vectors.

Course Structure and Format

Each topic will be dissected in the following manner:

10-20 minutes: A classroom led discussion of major pitfalls and common misconceptions under the scope of past exam paper questions.

15-20 minutes: Pupils will be given the opportunity to practice past exam questions with the above in mind. During this time the teacher will take any questions pupils may have on a 1 on 1 basis and offer individual feedback and advice.

10 minutes: Pupils will be given a mark scheme of the past paper questions and will be asked to peer mark them. This allows the students to put themselves in the position of the examiner, to give each other feedback which consolidates their own knowledge, and to further understand where the marks are achieved and lost.

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In stock